FEED THE NEED feeding the homeless in Central London Winter 2016

Alhamdulilah (praise God), we are still up to our arms in Qurbani meat donations. Maasha’Allah we are a small group of brothers and sisters but it only takes a small committed team to cook and distribute 15o portions of food. Ideally you need 3 sisters at any one time to cook and 3 to pack and ideally you need 3 brothers to front having out the food.More details of how to do it soon insha’Allah.


Right now we are preparing wholefood, home cooked meals to take out on the streets tonight.Most of the homeless in Central London are Romanian, Lithuanian, Russian, English business men who lost their business, their house, their wife, British service men  with post traumatic stress syndrome, down and outs and British men particularly that like the hobo existence.There are a few women.

It’s starting to get chilly  and we are making more of an effort to fund raise for sleeping bags, we had a cake sale/sleeping bags drop a couple of weeks ago and last week gave out 12 winter quality sleeping bags

Today insha’allah we we’ll be giving out food;brown rice with spices and mix vegetables in the rice, lamb curry using the Qurbani meat and a lentil and spinach  curry that’s ital like vital.




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