as salam alaikum brothers and sistars, 

May the peace and blessing of the Creator be upon you.

Insha’allah (God willing) over the next fews days , there will be posted a series of articles pertaining to the theme of halaal and tayyib in the Quran. Tayyib is a food trend that is being rejuvenated, by the grace of Allah, due to the hardwork of Islamic naturopaths and supporting shuyukhs, alhmdulilah  maashallah.

However common knowledge of “tayyib” is blurry and there are those who would seek to take advantage of the ignorance of the masses, for this reason and to provide sound ,acurate islamic knowledge on this subject, I have posted this article and future articles insha’allah.

These writings were part of my post graduate Islamic Studies degree, Quran and Haddith module, marked and passed by Sheikh Sayad Mekic, University of Cambridge.

halaal and tayyib
QURANIC THEMES. Halaal and Tayyib



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