FEED THE NEED, Karimah’s Cuisina , feeding the homeless in Central London December 2015

The attention to details and the quality of what we do illustrates how an islamic charitable feeding of the less fortunate should be done,maasha’Allah. By The Grace of Allah , we strive to provide good food to represent good Islamic charity, even down to the napkins we wrap our cutlery in.
These fotos show only a tiny aspect of the preparation that goes on before we get out on the streets.It’s not about bums on seats, it’s about quality, we are Muslims not little boys.
If we can inspire you to share food of this standard and better, in the way that we do and better than we have forfilled our purpose alhmdulilah rabeel alameen.

Even white ricew we spice it up! Alhamdulilah
Even white rice we spice it up! Alhamdulilah

feed the need rice lamb and kidney beans

Good un stunned lamb minced alhmdulilah with kidney beans in the process of cooking

We also cook a vegan lentil and spinach curry




napkins cutlery

A nice napkin can provide a memory of better days or the thought that we have for the person we are giving the food to


rice spice lentils tomato passata


Insulted bags are vital for health and hygeine.The look on a homeless person face and their exclamation of “oh its hot!” is priceless that they notice the attention we pay to them, it is these details that make all the difference to teh way we are perceived by the wider communication, showing that we care enough alhmdulilah rabeel alameen for guiding us and the support HE give us

Insulated Bags keep food warm
Insulated Bags Keep Food Warm

We need photographically document who we give sleeping bags to , to help homeless be more responsible for what is given to them, these winter weight sleeping bags are between £25-50, so please, we need your help

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