FEED THE NEED, feeding the homeless on Central London, THE SLEEPING BAG COLLECTION

As salaam alaikum, may the Peace of the Creator be with you.

We hope this post inspires you to give either in money or in goods, you and a friend could buy a sleeping bag and donate to us. Sleeping bags need to be winter weight.

We now photographically document and date who we give sleeping bags to to avoid duplication and encourage responsibility amongst homeless and needy, it also sends out a message that we are not a soft touch.

These are some of the grateful people who have sadly found themselves without a key to their own home, left home or left theri country and found themselves on the street or someone else’s floor or sofa.

PleaseĀ be part of the solution to help those less fortunate than us, praise God we have roof over our head and heating.

Please reference your doantions “SLEEPING BAGS”

feed the need dec 2015sleeping bad dec 2015slp bg dec 2015sleeping bags muhammd jamshedBOSNIAN BRAD PITTJORDAN BROTHER NOV 2015 SBKATLIN BOSNIANOV 2015 SB

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