CHARITY SHOPS….re-use, reduce, re-cycle

I am aware that there are those poor souls who wouldn’t be seen dead in a charity shop, more fool them.Not only do purchases help someone less fortunate than yourself, they are also great places to pick up bargains, bearing in mind what is written for you of your bounty/ risq has already been pre-determined, alhamdulilah praise God.

Over the next few weeks inshaa’allah God willing, I am going to shop you the sort of stuff that I/we have purchased in charity shops.

Let’s start with bags…naturally…

Small Accessorise Handbag £2
Small Accessorise Handbag £2


Jasper Conran £3.50


Original Louis Vuitton Handbag
Original Louis Vuitton Handbag £4


So when you see me, looking fly and thinking that I have loads of money..its maybe charity, it maybe a copy…but it’s all an illusion 🙂



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