THE FEMININE FLUX- AN ISSUE OF OUR TIME…..before Allah guided me to Islam I was  Christian, then a Rasta and when I heard Bob Marley say ” stand up for your rights!” I knew he didn’t just mean men.So I was going to stand up for my rights and by the Grace of Allah I have been doing it ever since.

Back in the Daze
Back in the Daze

as salam alaikum, what some brothers (and their female cohorts) don’t like is a sister who speaks out and no-way a pretty sister with light skin that speaks out.We are supposed to know our place.It is the beauty that attracts brothers and this is why certain sisters have more experience than other in their dialogue with brothers, especially us reverts who often don’t have a maharam and have to stand up for ourselves, alhmdulilah maasha’allah, we stand up for ourselves and this is what SOME people don’t like, people male and female who come from cultures where women are oppressed.Those cultures are not Islamic, they might be Muslim but they are not Islamic.

As women we are supposed to know our place.

“Where’s that? Underneath your foot?”” I asked one infamous serial polygamist brother who wanted me as part of his transient hareem.


Their Islam is based on culture , conjecture(conjuror) and personal interpretation.They are ignorant of the vibrant dynamic out spoken women who were the wives of the prophet Muhammad(salah la alaihi wa salem) and the sahabiyaat).These women did not do dumb, they spoke up, they asked uncomfortable questions, they challenged and confronted the likes of umar ibn al kitab(radiahu anah)……..and they lowered their gaze when needs be.Let me say this again, they lowered their gaze when needs be…..these were balanced dynamic mode not suck in one mode of thinking.Their connection with Allah was such that they were guided and Allah didn’t guide them to be doormats.These women were on the battlefield as soldiers and doctors and nurses.Do you seriously think a woman who is on the battle field will come home and say” yes sir, no sire three bags full sir masssa?”

No she won’t. like the prophet’s wives , she will challenge you if she thinks you are wrong.

REVERT RANT stand up

oh muslim ummah study the deen, look at the wife of umar al kitab , she used to argue with him but he valued all teh good this women sis for him.
Too many brothers are boys in long trousers, spoilt by your mothers and by spoilt i mean useless like bad apple, no good to any decent sister which is why you end up marrying your cousins because when we use an islam criterion to judge you as a potential husband you come up so lacking.

It is not that we are “Westernised” that we are not married, its not because we are old that we are not married, it is not that we are not on the deen that we are not married, its not that we are ugly that we are not married, it is not that we have bad relations with our families that we are not married.It is not that we are bad mannered that we are not married.
It is because we are on our deen, we do not need a man to get us up for fajr becasue Allah is our Wali, Allah wakes us for Suhour, Allah commands our hijaab we do it to please Him,we guard our prayers, we guard our deen, we guard our private parts, we are not just pretty we are stunning,maasha’allah, we strive to balance our career with good deeds and we are good to our mothers and good to our family, by The Grace Of Allah.

So yes we will be fussy because we are gems, we are diamonds, we are pearls, alhmdulilah maasha’allah.

It is the ignorance and lack of application of studying the culture and personalities surrounding the Prophet, salah la alaihi wa salem, that make people come out with statements that in fact wrong themselves because of their ignorance and trying to impose that ignorance on others, may Allah help us to be more honest and clear in our application to studying islam ameen, may Allah make it easy for us especially the brothers to apply that islamic knowledge and be better leader, men that command our respect because of good character ameen

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