The fig is a delightful creation, a velvet sack full of juicy goodness that is readily available in our local Portobello Market, however as a family we yearn for the holidays when we can travel to warmer lands and the figs fall fresh off the trees.
Surat At-Tīn (The Fig) – سورة التي
Surat 95 verse 1
“ By the fig, and the olive, “ Pickthal translation
“I swear by the fig and the olive,” Shakir translation

There must be some great significance of these trees for Allah to swear by them.
In Islamic and Ayurvedic medicine the temperament of figs is hot and there are two opinion concerning its moisture.

The Fig
The Fig

The best figs according to Ibn Qayyim al Jawziyyah, in his book “Medicine of the Prophet” are the white figs, which cleanse the kidney and bladder of gravel and give protection from poisons.

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