Baby’s first food is really important and too often , for convenience sake ,w e impose our culture food on these pure sweet little creatures.Their taste buds are not corrupted like our and they are satisfied with pure whole food tastes without frying and fancy sauces, though the use of herbs and spices can be introduced for health benefits.

Whole Food, Baby Food
Whole Food, Baby Food

firstly i would say whole foods, everything from scratch, observe and document if he likes sweet spicy sour etc foods, do not force him to eat things he doesn’t like

by sweet i mean fruits, dry fruits , honey, not sugar foods

by spicy i mean onions, ginger chilli only little bits

by sour i mean lemon, citrus
try him with different grains whole grains;brown rice, wheat, millet, quinoa
diary is not necessary

protein, not meat every day, try him with diary pulses, nut milk and meat and fish a couple of times as week and see what he likes

please let me know

our biggest mistake as parents is we try to enforce our taste on to children rather than taking into regard the best nutrition for their temperament, this is learning curve for me to , so please bear with me

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