RAMADHAN GET READY – Freezer Clean Lobster.

In the process of getting ready for Ramadan, cutting fruit, herbs, bagging  and freezing stuff for smoothies, soups etc. It’s also worth having a look to see what old stuff is lurking in there that needs to be eaten…Guess what ? We found a lobster, with no idea of how to cook it we found this wonderful Step by Step video from our fellow Essex boy- friend Jamie Oliver.


If you don’t feel confident to cut it on your own, phone a friend for moral support if this is a first tie experience. like it was for Queenie and myself.

There's  Lobster in our Kitchen
There’s Lobster in our Kitchen

You have to cut down the back from between the eyes all the way along the tail, its quite simple really.

Lobster Cut Minus Stomach & Intestine
Lobster Cut Minus Stomach & Intestine

Finally with a good bit of banging you crack the claws and then decide how you are going to eat it.We decided to go Mediterranean vibes; olive oil, garlic, loads of oregano and basil, black pepper on a low heat  in a casserole on the hobb. Put the lobster on top of mix and cook slowly for 15 minutes to get the lobster infused with the flavors.Before serving drizzle with lemon juice or apple cidar vinegar .Ideally eaten with a nice salad if you want to loose weight or nice bread if you don’t care about your weight or digestion.

Lobster Crack Claw
Lobster Crack Claw

Lobster is like prawn but more meaty and chewy, it is simply complimented with olive oil, herbs, black pepper,garlic and steamed.

Lobster Finis
Lobster Finis


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