SARDINE AND CARROT SALAD (said with Portuguese accent)

Sardine Salad..I hope
Sardine Salad..I hope

Well I decided to delay cleaning the fridge for a while because of taking a good foto without flash but lunch time came and I thought what to have that seriously needed eating up.
There was some Portuguese sardine and carrot salad and I was wondering if it was still ok, still as the Jamaicans say”what don’t kill  make fat,”

I decided to have it with avocado, tomatoes and fresh basil salad with apple cider vinegar and olive oil, it was super delicious and no starchy carbs, trying to cut out starchy carbs for the next few days, you will see why soon inshallah, so far so good,alhmdulilah.


This recipe really makes an ordinary tin of sardines goes along way

1 tin of sardines, there are 3 small fish inside.

2 grated carrots

1 dollop of mayonnaise

salt and pepper and a splash of hot pepper sauce


Mash the sardines to break up and mix through other ingredients.

have in sandwiches or on its one with a salad, enough for 2 rounds of sandwiches or 3 rounds sparing , you could always add more salad in the sandwiches like lettuce, very nice and economical,  healthy and tasty 🙂





Last year I was asked to take part in the live below the line global challenge where you have to eat and drink for a meager  1 pound aday, the benefits of it were amazing but seriously more like 3 pound would have been nicer, not luxurious but nicer, however it was great for my Pmt which was non extinct…hmmm ladies!

Insha’allah I’ll be doing it again but right now I’m in warm up mode and have signed myself up to this Guardian challenge of just eating whats in my fridge for a week and not buying anything else all week.

The initial hook says live on what’s in your fridge but the blog is people eating what in their cupboards and freezer as well.

So really  I need to eat what I’ve got and just buy fresh fruit  and veggie when they run out, I have enough flour and grain to feed the 50,ooo alhmdulilah, so no more bread and cakes buying but making.

As a die hard foodie, all praise is due to the Creator, my fridge is always packed, with nuts and grain , left over food plastic, I must have Viking ancestors or its that remnant of  British World War II  mum’s and  grandma’s reminder in the echoes of my brain that make me remember, “waste not want not.”

Hmmm my fridge, it’s like one of those eclectic global music festivals like Womad, bright and vicious but a bit grungy.I’m always dashing in and out of the house or flat on my back in recovery mode, I have cleaning lady who is great but doesn’t have time to clean the fridge, so first thing first the fridge needs a good clean out, I was watching a life hacks video this morning about making your own cleaning products so me think I’m going to knock together some white spite vinegar, always in the house{online 29th march 2014]

in a spray bottle 1/3 white vinegar, 2/3 water and a drop of washing up liquid, voila all purpose cleaner

let the games begin,

Live Better Challenge:Less Food Waste
Live Better Challenge:Less Food Waste



FOODIE FUSS…There’s a lot of fuss being made right now over Korean food, touting it as  “the perfect food diet health plate.”

 The best thing about Korean food, if the truth be told, is kimchi, a fermented vegetable pickle, full of natural acidophilus good bacteria for stomach. The Bi Bim Bap Recipe is a Korean melange in a bowl, where you get to choose from a healthy starch like rice, some protein, vegetables and a fermented pickle, however looking at some people’s version of Bi Bim Bap , the combo is far from healthy.

Bi Bim Bap-Too Much Meat
Bi Bim Bap-Too Much Meat

½ pound in weight =0.225 kilograms

1 pound in weight = 0.5 kilo approximately

This is what The Perfect Health Diet claims to be the right amount of animal protein we should eat a day

Bi Bim Bap-Too Much Meat
Bi Bim Bap-Too Much Meat

I’m sure with some Islamic modification, the equation and portions adjustment, it would be tasty as well as beneficial for health.

However love food hates waste suggest the figure for animal protein consumption should be half that amount, about 100=150 grammes.

At the end of the day its up to you , however im guided by the tradtions of our beloved prophet muhamd, salah la lahi wa salem, who didn’t eat meat every day  or venr every wek some tiems not evern for month.

Narrated Urwa: Aisha said to me, “O my nephew! We used to see the crescent, and then the crescent and then the crescent in this way we saw three crescents in two months and no fire (for cooking) used to be made in the houses of Allah’s Apostle. I said, “O my aunt! Then what use to sustain you?” ‘Aisha said, “The two black things: dates and water, our neighbors from Ansar had some Manarh and they used to present Allah’s Apostle some of their milk and he used to make us drink.”  ( BUKHARI Book #47, Hadith #741)

The over consumption of meat leads to cancer , heart disease, gout and many other fatal diseases.

Don’t just accept the latest food fad, use that amazing brain and learnt to cross reference the information you are being presented with.



The Health Benefits ofStarting Your Day With Lemon & Water


Following are a few reasons why you need to take a sip of lemon water soon and often:


lemon and water  tex 1.       It’s good for your stomach

 2.       Superb for Skin Care

 3.       Aids in Dental Care


 4.       Cures Throat Infections



5. Excellent for Weight Loss


6. Controls High Blood Pressure


7. Assist in curing Respiratory Disorders


8. Good for treating Rheumatism


9. Reduces Fever


10. Acts as a blood purifier


Wondering What The Right Lemon Water Recipe Is?

First thing in the morning, add the juice of 1/2 lemon (about 1 tablespoon) to 8 ounces of lukewarm to hot water. Feel free to mix in a little honey, if you’d like. Drinking lemon water once a day is fine, but you can drink it twice a day as well, or add lemon slices to tea or water throughout the day.



Flight of The Bumble Bee

I am fascinated by bees, they look so furry and cuddley and sweet and you can speak with them and they respond.

There is a chapter in the Holy Quran name after the noble sacred bee.

Surat An-Naĥl (The Bee) – chapter 16.

Flight of the Bumble Bee
Flight of the Bumble Bee

I was intrigued to see how they fly when thinking about designing sky gardens and placing bee hives on the roofs, from what I found a few tower blocks in Dubai should prove no effort for the mighty bee.

“The highest record for a bumblebee is just over 5600 metres and that’s in the Himalayas,” says Dillon.

But flying at high altitudes presents bees with a number of challenges.

For a start there is reduced air density and this makes it hard to produce lift.

“If you have fewer molecules around, it’s harder to push enough molecules down per unit time to offset your body weight, which is essentially what you’re doing when you’re flying.”

Also, there is less oxygen at high altitudes and a flying bumblebee needs 15 to 20 times more oxygen than an elite athlete, says Dillon.

Flight chambers

Dillon, and colleague Dr Robert Dudley from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, wanted to find out more about how bees flew at different altitudes.

They caught bees flying at 3200 metres and put them in air-tight plexiglass flight chambers, which were able to have their air pressure reduced to simulate different altitudes.

“We found that on average all the bees we tested could fly above 8000 metres and we had bees that flew above 9000 metres,” says Dillon.

The researchers found that the bees were able to create lift by moving their wings through a bigger angle.

“They’re not increasing how quickly they beat their wings, they are just beating their wings through a much bigger arc,” says Dillon. “So they can push more air down per amount of time and that allows them to fly at these really high altitudes.”

But Dillon says he still doesn’t know how the bees are able to fly with so little oxygen at high altitudes.

“It’s remarkable that they can do it but we’re not sure how yet,” he says. ” Allah(God) knows best.