GREEN SMOOTHIE – kale kiwi & banana

By Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim Chaplain & Well Being Writer.
Hmmmmm, its seems strange even to me that I should be thinking of embarking on a juice smoothie fast as the days are getting colder and the nights are drawing in, in England’s green and pleasant land. However certain health problems are hard to ignore when you get to the cross roads of your life. I relate to this positive opinion to where I am right now.
“When you feel life at crossroads,
you need higher perspective view.”
― Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Kale, Kiwi & Banana Smoothie
Kale, Kiwi & Banana Smoothie

After reading, Healthy at 100, by John Robbins, revisiting Fit for Life and treating myself to some raw food courses with Russell James, the raw chef, Irena Arango and Sistah in the Raw, it’s high time I got on the wagon.
Now I’m not getting on the raw food wagon full time because I know I’ll fall off, it’s too usually high a pedestal to sit on for me, however I have started to buy and eat organic ethically reared meat , which is quite rightly expensive and Islamically doesn’t need to be eaten every day, for good health. Vegetarian food is a healthy option with a raw green smoothie detox thrown in for good measure.
I am psyching myself up for this one though deep down I know I can easily do it Insha’Allah, God willing!
Back in the daze before I started practicing Islam I was studying with Pan African Egyptology group and we often did 3 day raw food fast, I vividly remember avocado, beetroot, chicory and onion salad for three days was all we had to eat, with cidar vinegar and olive oil, it was great.
My raw food buddy Amir M .Abdullah Al Bey, he is a guru really, will be delighted that I’m doing this fast but a bit disappointment that I’ll be eating meat sometimes, still that’s where I’m at right now.
What I’m doing is integrating a green juice/smoothie to start my day and throughout the day, veggie food and when I’m ready start the fast which will be next week Insha’Allah.
Sooooooo…Today at Karimah’s Cuisina we made this one, try to use organic ingredients if possible, farmers market are a fresh reasonable source of locally grown products, if you cannot afford then use whatever is in your price range.
 5 large long Italian kale leaves
 1 banana
 2 kiwis
 1/2 litre of water
• Wash the kale and chop across leaves into 10cm size chunks
• Wash and peel banana
• Wash and peel kiwi
• Add everything including water to blender and start on slow setting to get leaves broken down
• If you need to turn off blender give it a stir to get bottom sludge to top and top to bottom etc.
• Blend till reasonable smooth but not dead, it’s good to have some fibre to chew your smoothie so as to release digestive enzymes in the mouth as it goes down.
It’s best to drink straight and if you need to make night before and drink in morning, or if you make than morning, drink throughout the day
This recipe will make about 1 ½ pints of drink that about 3 cups or 700ml.
Dark Blue-Green Leaves of Italian Kale are great for the immune system,
Protects against prostrate & colon cancer, it’s anti-aging & good for the eyesight. It’s extremely high in Vitamin A which in turns supports good health of the mucus membranes, lungs and cavities of the body, preventing cancer. It also contains complex B vitamins which are good for the nerves and metabolism.
Bananas are great for the stomach, they contains loads of potassium which helps regulate bodies water balance system, good for the heart and bodies nervous system. They are high in vitamin b 6 which means good for the nerves and hormone balance as well as depression. They’re great anti-acids in the stomach as well as activating cells that produce stomach lining. They also contain compound called protease inhibitors, so they help eliminate bacteria that cause ulcer, mashallah as God would have it be!
Kiwis are a superfood food; high in vitamin C are great for boosting immune system, great for your eyes and anti-aging.
All in all this smoothie is fantastic………here’s one on the house 




I first learnt to make chai masala from East African Ethiopians as I worked as waitress in the famous Blue Nile In The Year 2000 restaurant in West London. We had Vogue magazine , Ziggy Marley and Linda McCartney come there as well as president Regan’s staff, it was happening man.

Chai Masala Spicy Tea
Chai Masala Spicy Tea

Elsa, the owner, wife of Livingstone,  showed me how to add ginger, cardamom, clove and cinnamon bark to boiling water then, after 5-20 minutes add the tea. These days we use South African red bush tea, a healthy alternative to Indian regular black tea. Red bush tea  is an anti-oxidant.

We now add star anise and I was contemplating bay leaf as well this morning for it’s medicinal properties.

The tea, meaning red bush or black tea leaves, are boiled in the  spicy water, milk can be added directly in as well or the tea can be strained and milk added after. These days of super nova consciousness, we use homemade almond milk, great for boosting your brain power.

We use herbs and spices in our food not just for taste but because they have medicinal benefits that have been known by mankind for thousands of years.

Ginger is 

  • Anti-inflammatory, good for arthritic types,
  • Dulls appetite
  • It’s a stimulant so don’t drink late at night unless you want to be up all night
  • It’s an aphrodisiac and if you don’t know what that means you are too young to know what that means
  • It clears mucus paste ways in body



Cinnamon is good for

  • regulating blood sugar, good for diabetes
  • Its anti-infections, combats bacteria that cause ulcer in stomach but don’t eat a whole spoon full 🙂
  • lowers cholesterol
  • natural preservative
  • Contains fibre, calcium, iron, manganese.
  • good for women’s issues; menstruation, fertility, balances hormones, don expect result overnight , alternative medical is the smooth and slow route

Cloves are

  • natural pain killer
  • good for head nose and throat colds they kill germs
  • Anti-inflammatory so good for bruises, arthritis.
  • Aphrodisiac but also used for helping men with premature ejaculation.
  • A little relaxes digestive tract

Star anise is

  • Anti-oxidant, promotes good health
  • Stomachic, good for stomach
  • Good for the heart because of potassium content
  • Contain high iron as well as calcium, potassium, manganese and magnesia
  • Good source of B virgins that are good for nerves.

Almond milk is

  • Good for the heart as it contains no cholesterol
  • Blood sugar friendly, good for diabetes, did you know a lot of cow’s milk bought in supermarkets has artificial sugars added in?
  • Good for skin, high in vitamin E
  • Good for eyes high in vitamin A
  • Good for muscle, it contain muscle regulating nutrient B vitamins



Karimahs Cuisina Chicken Curry

Karimah’s Chicken Curry -Village Stylee

This recipe is seriously slam dunkin maashallah!

This has to be one of the best curry recipes, it’s complicated and that’s what makes it good, it’s not a curry from a bottle or shop bought paste, it’s a DIY, do-it-yourself spice exploration. It’s well worth the fuss and once you’ve made it once you’ll want to do it over and over again just because of the taste.

Chicken Curry ...Karimah Stylee
Chicken Curry …Karimah Stylee

We used free range halal ethically reared chicken from Willowbrook Farm, in Oxfordshire and the different it made was like it tasted like curry grannie use to make when we were young, if you are old enough to remember those daze.

Make enough of the roasted seed mix and it will be easier next time if you don’t give it away like we did, still you have to get them hooked don’t  you?

Indian Chicken Marinade
Indian Chicken Marinade


Chicken marinade

  • 1 lb/500 grammes chicken, asked the butcher to cut into curry pieces, we used wings instead.
  • 2 tbsps. /30ml   fresh chopped garlic/ginger each
  • 1 tbsps. /15ml  red chili powder
  • 1 tbsp. turmeric powder
  • Salt

chicken curry seed roast

Curry spice

  • 2 tbsps/30ml . grated coconut flour
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tbp/15ml sesame seeds
  • 1 tbp/15ml . cumin seeds
  • 1 tbp/15ml . coriander seeds
  • 10 peppercorns seeds
  • 1 stick cinnamon (12 inch)
  • cloves

Curry Start Up

  • 2 tbsps. /30ml  vegetable oil
  • 3  fresh green chilies
  • bay leaves
  • 3 medium onion (chopped fine)
  • 1 x 345 ml tin, usual size tinned tomatoes.



  • Mix the chopped ginger-garlic, turmeric powder, salt, and 1 tablespoon of the red chili powder.
  •  Rob over chicken  pieces and set aside while you prepare the roasted
  •  Heat heavy frying pan/cast iron skillet until its smoking. Turn the heat down.
  • Add all seeds and stir; you will need to put some mesh cover over pans and sesame pop and jump out. Roast till they release aroma smell, its lovely.
  • Turn heat off and leave to cool down, and then grind by hand or in blender with coconut flour. Set aside.
  • Back to our heavy bottomed pan, add vegetable oil. On medium heat add bay leaves and chilies to infuse oil with flour then add chopped onions.
  • Fry onions till golden and softened  then oil chicken pieces
  • Cook chicken for 5 minutes on each side then turning do they don’t burn
  • Add 2 tbsp /30ml of seed spice masala  mix and put the rest in  jar for next time or give it to a sister like we did.   Stir in, so all meat is covered.
  • Add chopped tinned tomatoes and water, stir
  • Turn heat up and bring to boil the turn down low and cover for 45mnutes
  • You can add potatoes and boiled eggs if you wish.
  • As any curry connoisseur knows, curry is better than next day, if you can wait till them serve with brown rice and carrot, beetroot and onion salsa.
  • Organic halal chicken…because we’re worth it, all praise is due to the Creator of the heavens and earth and everything in between.




By Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim chaplain well being writer

I would love to share this with you. This morning I woke up and that spot was still there on my cheek. Possibly an indicator that my liver still needs some support. I had parsley in my fridge, celery and beetroot. Now I have to tell you that part of me doesn’t  jump up and down at the thought of beetroot and celery juice, no jumping in that department at all, but I know it’s the right stuff. Its was actually quite pleasant and sweet and I’m looking forward to drinking it again, insha’allah. God willing.

Liver Cleanse Ingredients
Liver Cleanse Ingredients

I decided to add some sweet apple, not even sure what they are called, sorry, cheap and English , possibly Discovery but I’m not sure, so here’s the recipe and the goodness you will get from it inshallah


  • 1 stick celery
  • 1 small raw beetroot
  • 1 apple
  • 10 strands of fresh parsley
  • ½ cups of pure coconut water


  • Wash everything and chop, it’s not necessary to peel fresh beets, take any brown bits off celery, they are toxic, chop apple around core, chop parsley
  • Place all fruit and veg in blender
  • Add coconut water and blitz
Liver De-tox Smoothie
Liver De-tox Smoothie


  • Beetroot- contains the mineral silica and this mineral is great for your bones and skin, homeopathically silica is known as the mini face lift. Silica also helps the body utilize calcium. You can be drinking as much milk and cheese as you like but if your blood is too acidic they you won’t absorb the calcium, the silica in the beetroot helps your body maximize the calcium you are putting in to it. Though I must say there are better sources of calcium than milk and cheese like almonds, collard green, spinach and rhubarb…interesting. Beetroots are also high in fibre which is great for your heart and arteries; getting rid of all that nasty plaque that builds up in there over time, and you thought you just got plaque on your teeth.It also contains antioxidants called carotenoids and flavoids which reduce the oxidization of LDL cholesterol which could lead to strokes and heart attacks if left unchecked.J its good, lots of folic acid which is great for pregnant mum’s, the baby’s growth in the womb will leech what it needs out of the mothers body so it’s really important that the mother eats healthy food to supplement in her body what the baby is taking out. No one should eat beetroot in excess and naturally it’s not the sort of thing most people would want to eat in excess. As a part of a mixed juice like this is should be safe for pregnant mothers as well as good for them. Beetroots is known to be great for cleansing the liver and boosting the immune system as it’s also contains vitamin C. It reduces the risks of colon cancer.
  • Celery- is full of anti-oxidants, vitamins minerals and fibre, but its claim to fame is it’s  great for people with arthritis, it’s an anti-inflammatory, this is due to its phytonutrients which are phenolic acids, flavones, flavanols, phytosterols and furanocoumarins, this powerful combination of essential nutrients not only reduces inflammation in the digestive tract and blood vessels but also protects the digestive tract and liver , after the consumption of acrylamides; these are potential toxic chemical gleaned from particularly friend food…….interesting.
  • Apples are well known for teeth, to massage and clean your gums as you eat them, apples are good for cleansing the liver, preventing gallstones and reduce the risk of cancer. Past studies have shown hat people who have diet rich in fruit are 10-15 times less likely to develop cataracts. They add fibre to your diet which helps you feel full longer so helping you lose weight. This fibre can help people who suffer with hemorrhoids.
  • Parsley – is rich in vitamin C, it’s amazing that this info that is being share now dispels some of the older stuff where we thought it was only fruits that had vitamin c. it’s more than just a sprig of decoration on your plate. It has 2 interesting components –volatile oils and flavonoids. One of these volatile oil; myristicin, has some in studies in animals to prevent tumors, particularly in the lungs. parsley because its high concentration of volatile oil is known as a chemo protective, which means it protects the body against the harmful carcigens (cancer causing chemical) smoking cigarette smoke and charcoal grill smoke, no wonder those Arabs naturally eat, loads of tabouleh to compensate that too many of them are still smoking .the flavoids in parsley are the anti-oxidants, particularly a flavoids called luteolin. This helps prevent oxygen damage to cells. Many of us think “how can oxygen be damaging, we need oxygen to breather and water is made up of oxygen as  well as hydrogen, but oxygen can damages, look at what happens to brass or copper when left outside, over time its starts to discolor , turns lovely shades of blue then finally  disintegrates. That’s just like us.
  • Coconut water…..”It’s like an internal shower for the body” says Professor Aris the Amir of raw foods. It contains simple sugars, electrolytes and mineral, perfect for anyone who has been vomiting and or diarrhea. This is due to eh electrolyte properties of potassium and sodium it contains. People having kidney dyalalasis should ask doctors before drinking lots of coconut water, as too much sodium can interfere with their treatment. It has s similar mineral composition to oranges but it lighter and more gently on the digestive contains the mineral calcium, magnesium (good for nerves) manganese (good for energy), zinc and iron.

liver cleanse 3


Woman’s Wheatgrass Smoothie

By Karimah bint Dawoud, Muslim chaplain and well-

Wheat-grass Smoothie
Wheat-grass Smoothie

being writer

If you have never had wheat grass before then you are in for a treat. I remember drinking my first shot of wheat grass in planet organic many years ago, honestly nothing wheat fleshing juiced wheat grass to give you that clean cut high  but failing buying your own or growing your own grass and juicing it then raw organic powdered wheat grass  is the next best thing. A smoothie is a good meal replacement, its better than something unhealthy

  • Wheat grass contains over 90 minerals…that’s a lot!
  • It contains enzymes that prevent radiation damage and slow down cellular aging.
  • A just one teaspoon/3.5 gramme is equal to a 50 grammes of spinach…wow!
  • It has more vitamin C than oranges and twice as much vitamin A than carrots which means it’s good for your eyes.
  • it helps the body produce more red blood cells, this will help carry more oxygen around the body giving you more energy

we also put fenugreek powder in so it’s good for nursing mums , menopausal women and pregnant women, fenugreek is well known to regulate and balance hormones, please consult doctor if you re taking any medication.


  • 1 banana
  • 2 teaspoons of wheatgrass powder
  • 1 teaspoon of menti fenugreek powder
  • 1 1/2 cups of coconut water


  • Put washed and peeled banana and other ingredients in blender and blitz for less than one minute and drink this makes 2x 235 ml glasses.
  • Serve  and enjoy 🙂
Wheat-grass & Fenugreek Smoothie
Wheat-grass & Fenugreek Smoothie

 I know this looks like “gloop” from the Matrix but it’s a billion times better fro you than a Mars bar.

Great Skin Liver Cleanse Juice


By Karimah bint dawoud, Muslim chaplain & wellbeing writer.

As some of your know I am not at the half a century mark, all praise is due to the Creator and Islam that I’m still here. I have been into holistic therapies for about 30 years and at this age, I don’t just want good skin I want great skin…naturally. Surrounded by collagen Botox and plastic surgery, I was  never one to go for the quick fix, preferring to do things Nature’s Way.

Great Skin Liver Cleanse
Great Skin Liver Cleanse

I’m firm believer in you are what you eat and have been juicing for the last 20 years, been a vegetarian and vegan and no as a Muslim I eat meat occasionally.

I noticed over the years that if I got spots they always came in the same place but didn’t twig it till recently, almost qualified as a clinical nutritionist I realize the body has energy channel and it stands to reason fi the body had energy channels then so must the head and the face. I searched and found in ancient Chinese medicine that difference areas of the face correspond to different organs.

Let deal with one thing at a time and you can do some research yourself. I kept getting spots in one specific area on my eye brow and jaw. Friend had a similar thing but ended up getting her eyebrow lacerated to remove ever increasing spot she kept picking and you know what that means…a scar.

I prefer to try alternative therapies before surgery and so found out hat spots on the eye brows are to do with problem in the liver. That’s makes sense because I get psoriasis too, too much heat in the liver. Headaches, more frequent urinating at night, red nose, nausea, feeling sick, joint pain, bad breathe can also be a symptom that the liver is in trouble.

This smoothie is for cleansing and supporting the liver, its doesn’t taste like a pina colada, no but tis medicine, we made enough for a couple more days and kept in sealed containers in fridge. Some time we find that if the juice is already there in the morning especially I take away choice which is sometimes good thing.


5 sticks of celery

2-3 carrots

1 small/medium beetroot

5cm piece of fresh ginger

1 whole orange

1 liter of water


  • wash everything
  • peel carrots
  • cut carrots in smaller pieces
  • cut orange in 4
  • cut beetroot into smaller pieces
  • cut ginger in half
  • place  1/2 of everything  into jug blender including 1/2 litre water
  • blend
  • empty into sealed containers and place in fridge
  • repeat – put other half of veggies and fruits in blender and remaining water an blend
  • knock it back
  • its should last in sealed containers 3 days in fridge.

this web site some useful info on ailments connected with weak liver