FEED THE NEED, feeding the homeless in Central London

FEED THE NEED, feeding the homeless in Central London…..Spare a thought today  as you are wrapped up under your snuggley duvet with the heating on that there are poor souls out there sleeping in shops doorways in this freezing weather,

Imagejust £5 means a couple of them get a hot healthy wholesome meal before they bed down for the night.we make best lamb mince chilli con carne with rice and vegetables or our veggie option is curried lentils with spinach, rive and vegetable and they get a kiora drink as it doesn’t have too many nasty E-numbers and fake sugars.



inshallah we are going to be asking again soon….. It was freezing outside tonight by the time we went out to give out the food cooked by our all star volunteers with donations of money from good people like yourselves BUT to make this more regular we need money OR

 we need a large pot that can cook enough rice for 100 people, we need 2 patio gas canisters, we need long grain rice, we need kiora drink, nothing cheaper they are full of chemical and you do not give in charity that which you wouldn’t accept with your eyes closed, we need tine tomatoes, we need lentils, alhmdulilah we have meat for a couple of months Inshallah alhmdulilah, what can you do, please email me, karimahscuisinaa@gmail.com

Alhamdulilah, praise the Creator, last night we did FEED THE NEED again on the streets of Central London, it was freezing, I do not want to imagine what its like to sleep out there, please we need your donations to go out again before Christmas, the charity CRISIS will be out every night from 21st December onwards inshallah but it is really freezing right now and they need hot good food,

one homeless man last night came up to us and said “that was quality, now I’M READY TO GET MY CARDBOARD AND BED DOWN FOR THE NIGHT”


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