I am still fighting with my editor to include these delicious(just joking) bowls of compost in my next book inshallah.Alhmdulilah its  grounding from my rasta days to care about the environment or maybe goes back further than that when my dad used to make us go round the garden with a nail tie to the end of a piece of bamboo cane  picking up the leaves.in Autumn to put   in the compost heap. I remember our pocket money depended on this.

Recycled Peeling, Teabags & Egg Shells
Recycled Peeling, Teabags & Egg Shells

HOW GREEN IS YOUR DEEN? Recycling vegetable peelings, egg shells, juic pulp and tea bags at our local commnutiy garden compost heap, with their permission of course.this is a great dowaa for non muslims to see muslim care about the planets and shows obedience to Allah.

The Compost Heap
The Compost Heap

Verse 141
“For it is He who has brought into being gardens, cultivated ones and those growing wild – and the date palm and the fields bearing multiform produce, and the olive tree, and the pomegranate resembling one another and yet so different. Eat of their fruit when it comes to fruition and give unto the poor their due on harvest day. AND DO NOT WASTE ALLAH’S BOUNTIES, VERILY HE DOES NOT LOVE THE WASTEFUL!”

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