I love Roses, they are one of The Creator’s most beautiful creations; the delicacy of the petals, the subtle graduation of the colour the wisp like vein and  aaah the perfume.

Rose oil works on the mind body and soul.

Properties  Aromatherapists believe rose oil to be anti-depressant, anti-septic, anti-viral, astringent, bactericidal and a tonic to the liver, stomach and uterus. It is known as the ‘women’s oil’, helping with menstrual problems and benefiting the skin, particularly mature or aging skin.

Rose Oil for the Skin Rose essential oil is thought to be beneficial for helping treat broken capillaries and scars as it is believed to stimulate the circulation and promote the growth of new cells. It is used to help dry skin, eczema and considered safe to use on sensitive skin. It is also thought to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

For dry, mature skin, combine two drops of Rose Otto with four drops each of Neroli and Frankincense in 20ml jojoba oil and apply daily.

Rose Oil for Women’s Problems Rose oil is thought to ease uterine disorders, and to help with irregular or heavy menstruation. It eases frigidity, impotence and insomnia, lifts depression and headaches and its calming properties help with stress related complaints. Adding a few drops of oil to the bath, or massaging gently into the abdomen, one drop to 5ml carrier oil, will help to ease symptoms.

Rose Oil for the Spirit Says of rose oil: “This oil is widely used in aromatherapy and invokes positive thoughts, spiritualism and feelings of joy, happiness and hope.” To help ease feelings of grief and sadness, and to release past pain, a bath with two drops of Rose Otto and four drops of Frankincense is believed to help.

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 the prophet Muhammad , peace and blessings of the creator be upon said “oils are the best medicine.” and in rose oil we experience the uplifting. 

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