AS WELL AS THE 75%  RAw food diet i aslo take this clay morning and night, its great mashallah, the following haddith is often an excuse to take pharmaceutical medicine as a firtst resort but in islam there is an etiqueete on medicne,

1 make dua

2 use a simple natural medicinal cure

3 if previous methods fail then take compound pharmacutecial medicine

most pharmaceutical medication suppress the disease and cause secondary symptoms that may lay dormant till alter date

It is on the authority of Hazrat Usaama bin Shuraik (radi Allahu anhu) that the people asked, “O Prophet of Allah (sall Allaho alaihi wasallam)! Should we take medicine (when sick)?” The Prophet (sall Allaho alaihi wasallam) replied, “Yes, O servants of Allah; You should take medication, for Allah has not sent any illness without its cure, except for one and that is old age.” (Tirmizi)

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The absolute premium grade of edible illite clay originating from France. As 100% totally naturally formed concentrated source of minerals and trace elements. Ideal for clay enthusiasts, professional and personal clay users, internal or external use.

Guaranteed sun-dried ‘raw’ clay and being ‘ultra-ventilated’, the purest most beneficial grade. Guaranteed free of preservatives, non-ionised and not tested on animals. Over 10,000,000 packets of this clay have been sold as edible clay and  this clay can be sold by Natural Spa Supplies Ltd as ‘edible clay’ or for cosmetic use. Clay is comprised of minerals and trace-elements. This clay is suitable for family use. This box contains 300g of clay.

Why do we need to detoxify our bodies?

Detoxification is not a human fad. Animals in the wild practice periodic detoxing. If a hibernating animal such as a hedgehog or bear does not eat significant quantities of clay (or clay rich soil where pure clays can not be found) before its slumber, it would poison itself during the long sleep due to the presence and slow build up of toxins. In Britain herbivores increase their clay intake during the spring and in the autumn. If they could not obtain clay, the rich spring grass would pass through them too quickly and they would become depleted in nutrients and spring diseases such as laminitis (a form of gout in horses) or colic would emerge. Wild animals want to feel good and have an intuitive and learned approach to the balance between good nutrition and elimination. Humans have also practised ‘detoxing’ throughout written history using a variety of techniques often during ritually prescribed periods, such as Lent.

What sort of toxins accumulate in humans and where do they come from?

Heavy metals i.e. mercury from fillings, lead from traffic fumes; cadmium from cigarette smoke; aluminium from canned beverages, treated water and food.

Radiation from computers, television, mobile phones, wireless networks, microwaves, radiation therapy, X-rays.

Pesticides from food which is not organically produced and air bourne pesticides near farms.

Chemical fragments after intensive medical treatments

Clays (and herbs) are most often eaten by animals to assist in the elimination of parasites, assisting the normal elimination through the digestive tract.

Clay can contribute, in combination with a healthy diet, to the maintenance of an alkaline body system. (Can self test with pH strips)

To maintain healthy looking skin and a healthy digestive system.

21 day detox treatment with clay water

Put a teaspoon (containing 3 grams) of ultra-ventilated illite clay in glass of water. Mix – avoid using a metallic spoon – a wooden spoon is recommended. Let the clay water stand overnight. In the morning, drink the ‘clay water’ on an empty stomach, leaving the sediment at the bottom of the glass. Try to allow 20-40 minutes before eating and drinking anything else. Sometimes people experience a reduced desire for fatty foods an alcohol. Do tune into and listen to your internal impulses and body signals – as this is thought to be be how animals in the wild maintain good health and psychological well being. You can eat your normal healthy diet while doing a clay detox!

If you wish to continue with the detox, then take a one week break, and then consume the clay on alternating weeks.

The clay sediment may be used up that day for washing the scalp and skin or as a mouth rinse. We are currently experimenting with using the sediment for tooth brushing and shortly, we will have this method safety tested by a laboratory.

– Clays are not to be taken internally concurrently with prescribed medications without careful medical supervision.
– Clay should not be used internally by people with hypertension (high blood pressure), constipation, during pregnancy, people receiving medical treatments (including the pill*) and homeopathy, while or in the weeks following the consumption of paraffin oil, or by infants of less than 36 months.
– Clays should not be used by those with a clinically diagnosed iron intolerance (a rare condition) without seeing a laboratory analysis of the clay used or blood sample monitoring.
– The appropriate health practitioners should always be consulted when suffering serious health conditions.

Directions for cosmetic use of green clay

Place a few tablespoons of green illite into a glass or wooden dish and add a little mineral or floral water. Leave to stand for a few minutes. Then mix well with a wooden spoon or spatula to obtain a smooth paste with consistency of soft butter.

Paste: Use in place of soap and shower gel; for shampooing short hair and cleaning the scalp; as a face and neck mask (keep the clay damp by laying a moist cloth over the face mask); body scrub; or to remove make-up.

Slurry: Add more water to the powder, or paste to make a slurry – with the consistency of milk shake. use for shampooing long hair (first massaging the scalp, then combing it down the length of the hair); a face wash, or mouth rinse.

Powder: Hairy mammals like us nearly always use clay in its hydrated form. Furry mammals and birds, prefer clay in its powdered form. Humans can add a handful of clay powder into a relaxing foot bath, hip bath or fully body bath.

Keep out of reach of young children and pets.

Do not exceed the portion recommended for daily consumption.

While nutritional supplements can make a vital contribution to overall health and well being, they should not be considered as a replacement for a healthy lifestyle.

If you experience any cramping while first taking the clay, eat some raw cabbage or other raw green vegetable rich in vitamin K.

If you are prone to bouts of constipation, add some psyllium husk to the clay drink.

Eat a diet rich in fruit, vegetables and raw foods while consuming clay.

Try to reduce or cut out oily foods, meat and avoid foods which you know are unhealthy.

The clay is packed by Argiletz, in a cellophane bag, contained within a cardboard box. All the packaging is biodegradable or recyclable. Please note, that the packaging is slightly different in appearance from the one in the photograph – I need to take a new photograph.

Already using clay, or are you interested in case studies?
Don’t be afraid to email us to ask specific questions or your comments about using clay. If the information can be found you will receive a reply containing relevant case studies with references. Ideal for clay enthusiasts, professional and personal clay users.

Product Quality

  • This clay is guaranteed to be sun dried, non-ionised, and preservative free.
  • This clay has just been retested in a meta-analysis showing that it is one of the safest clays in Europe for internal and external use.
  • This clay satisfies the levels of microbiological purity required by the European pharmacopoeia V.2.1.8
  • This product has not been tested on animals, however it is believed that all herbivores, and possible all vertebrates deliberately seek out clay for ingestion and for external use.
  • This is the purest grade of clay – ultra-ventilated. The clay has been graded so that it is effectively ‘mica-free’ as micas are harmful to the digestive system and interior of the body. To separate the micas from the clay, the powdered clay is blown up a tube. Heavier particles remain at the base of the tube and only the lightest, finest and micra-free particles are collected as ultra-ventilated clay.
  • The texture, colour and aroma of this particular clay is very light and pleasing. it is very palatable. For change, add a little honey or lemon juice.
  • This is a raw and natural clay.
  • Suitable for vegans.

The information on our website does not seek to diagnose disease, or to replace medical advice. In all cases you should first refer to your G.P, or other qualified health professional to diagnose any health concern that you may have and for guidance as to the appropriate treatment, including any products listed on the website.


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  1. farnaz says:

    please give all the good tips you got inshallah

  2. Salaamu alaykum sis. I came across your site whilst researching about taking clay internally. Thank you for the information. What brand of clay is best for internal use?

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