At Karimah’s Cuisina, we are passionate in our practice that a healthy lifestyle should be more natural and more holistic. This passion and our firm belief is that Islam has wealth of knowledge to offer the world in promoting better health in harmony with the environment.


Set up by Islam Channel’s darling niqaabi cook, Karimah bint Dawoud, presenter of Ramadan Bites and Divine Bites. Karimah is currently finishing an exciting Islamic cook book full of her signature Asian and Middle Eastern delights, that inshallah will be out shortly this year. The book will also include Islamic sayings relative to health and nutrition as well as the medicinal properties of herbs and spicy and tips on recycling.


We are currently looking for the next potential  master chef to assists  Karimah in this year on Ramadan TV. This special assistant must have a passion for food, cooking and be able to peel a potato, chop an onion and know the difference between paprika and a pakora.


We are also looking for behind the scenes volunteers to help prepare activities either for TV /film and seminars relative to Islamic health and well being.

Inshallah in March we are presenting a seminar called “Breaking Bread” – food, class and culture. The seminar will be to revive the Sunnah of eating unrefined bread, looking at the nutritional aspects of this Sunnah and the political factors that have gone against this Sunnah and   imposed an unhealthy standard on the nutrition of  working class and ethnic communities.


We would love you to join us and become world leader of Islamic health and well being, enabling all people to live more healthily.


Please contact

Email: karimahscuisina@live.co.uk

Blog: https://karimahscuisina.wordpress.com/




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    Thankfully some bloggers can write. My thanks for this article…

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