Prophetic Medicine or Medicine of the Prophet – al-tibb al nabawi

Prophetic medicine or Medicine of the Prophet – al-tibb al nabawiIslam is a guide for all aspects of the lifestyle of humans. For this reason it  has teachings related to the principles of medicine.In the Quran, general points relevant to medicine are mentioned and there are many hadith (sayings and observation of Prophet Muhammad may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon) that mention sickness, ailments, remedies, hygiene and other matters pertaining to medicine.

Diseases such as leprosy, sciatica, heart and mental problems are mentioned and remedies such as wet cupping, aromatherapy, and the use of honey, black seed oil and herbs. For every illness Allah has provide a cure except death.

Islamic medicine cannot be separated from the Sunnah (the everyday way the Prophet lived his life).

As Muslims we follow that Sunnah, that example and strive as much as we can to learn about and put into practice these attributes of living our lives.

Prophetic medicine is a treasure trove, however, a much overlook aspect of the Sunnah.We are more pre occupied with the outwards manifestations of what a Muslim looks like and what a Muslim does in public places forgetting that Allah is All Seeing and All Hearing of what we do in the private space and this includes our health and hygiene.

In Islam the body has rights over us and these rights need to be observed for us to have the ability to improve our ibada (worship of the creator) not only in prayer, which is most important but also in the good deeds we are able to do.Some of us have good physically health today but the mental health is weak, even something as simple as giving a smile or giving a kind word is not possible for those of us with chronic mental health problems, that we think go unnoticed because of the beard and thobe (men’s long garment) or niqaab(face veil). 

The Medicine of the Prophet must be understood in the light of revelation that the Prophet received via the angel Gibril (Gabriel) from the Creator. Islam is a religion that through the example of this message and the example of the Prophet’s life, leaves no stone unturned. There is instruction of dietary practice and the particular way that herbs are to be used in time of illness.

The influence of his teaching have continued to be practice by the Muslims for nearly 1500 years and by the virtue that they are his teachings hold particular significance for people who live in the world of faith. These teaching can be in no way distracted from by scientific explanation as they are in some instances  beyond human understanding but are effective.

The Medicine of the Prophet is an important part of the Prophet’s  Sunnah with all that this participation implies to the believers.


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  1. xeniagreekmuslimah says:

    Asalamu Alaykum. Mashallah. Jazakiallah Kheir for such a beautiful post:)

  2. Shukran
    for posting very important piece of very important information.
    drug shop medicine is to cure the specific health issues to recover but medicine that ( Prophet Muhammad SAW ,may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon) used natural medicine to cure all sickness and health issues.

  3. Abdull shazle says:

    I need help I hv a prostate pain for 18 yrs $ I am male of 35 yrs…

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