Delia Cheat!!!!

 Mini Chopper

My sister bought  me this little beauty last  year, it’s featured in delia cooks book of cooking cheats, its amazing, for those who hate chopping things because of fake nails or disability , this gadget it the perfect thing.


To call this little gem ‘handy’ would be an understatement. No kitchen is complete without one.

Chop nuts, garlic, meat, fish, breadcrumbs, vegetables; and puree fruit and baby food in seconds. This is one kitchen helper that will never be relegated to the back of the cupboard!

Bowl is dishwasher safe.


Ref 12336

18 x 10 x 15cm H. (7″ x 4″ x 6″). Bowl capacity – 350ml (liquid), 150g (dry). 

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  1. Umm Ihsan says:

    I really wanted a food processer, and I said to my husband inshallah one day I will have one, then my husband bought it for himself, lol, I said more like u bought it for me, it has a chopper like the one above but alittle bigger, but masshallah so far masshallah very pleased with it.

    1. as salaam alaikum, these little gadget save so much time and are a real blessing for people with disbilities that they make things easier

  2. muslimahijab says:

    this is a must for any kitchen..

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