Karimah bint Dawoud

Karimah bint Dawoud

Karimah@Green Valley
Karimah@Green Valley

Is a South African Essex Girl revert to Islam of 12 years maashallah (as the Creator would have it be) She was  on a journey to find the affirmation of  the  Truth through Christianity, Rastafari, Pan Africanism and Allah, the Creator, lead her to Islam. She studied Fine Art at Central St Martins School of Art and has modeled in Paris, Zurich and London and was a makeup artist for top fashion houses.

 As a Muslim she is one of Peter Sanders featured artists in the ” Art of Integration” exhibition and book, she was filmed and interviewed by Hamza Yusef to be one of his internationally featured Muslim women for the Saudi TV channel MBC series Riahla.

‘It was my fascination with womens rights that interested  me in Islam ” She is a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother  who is known  as  a community activist maashallah  regarding health, welling being and environmental issues .In the past she has lectured at colleges and universities on Gender and Representations of Femininity. She  was presented with The Alhambra Award of Excellence in the Arts by Muslim News as one of the directors of The Karamah Holistic Arts Organisation and was artist in residence at Leighton House Museum as part of the Festival of Muslim Cultures. 

She is a Muslim chaplain and graduate of the Mulsim College, where she was offered a scholarship to do her Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies. After praying salat ul istikhara,one of the three forgotten prayers, a prayer of guidance, she chose to study Clinical Nutrition instead alhmdulilah, praise the Creator.

‘ like nature we should always be in the process of change, as human beings we should be in the process of ongoing refinement  and getting closer to our Creator

She is the author of ‘Heavenly Bites, the best of mulsim home cooking” maashallah but has recently developed her culinary repertoire and skills around  the progressive nutrition trend; raw food. Her love of food and the pleasure it brings is purely a blessings from Allah.

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