FEED THE NEED MAY 15,feeding the homeless on the streets of Central London

This Friday 29th May 2015

Alhamdulillah , praise the Creator, we have been regularly getting out and about feeding homeless  in London’s fair city and also handing out hygiene packs, woolly hats, sleeping bags, mince pies and now underpants.Its good for the soul to give, to see the happy look of one receiving actual releases serotonin in the person doing the giving, the feel good hormone, so we get one reward in this life and one in the next insha’allah.

Feed The Need
Feed The Need

 We have been doing this constantly and regularly by the grace of Allah for the last three years, generous donations from yourselves make this possible so please keep it coming.

We provide a choice of vegan and meat meal, with brown rice and vegetable , water, capri sun and often a hot drink as well a homemade cakes from our volunteers kitchens

Most of our volunteers have their food health and hygiene qualification paid for by the royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea funding, thank you to them.

We hand out food to everyone in need.

We are not an evangelistical project, we don’t hand out any literature, nor do we ram Islam down anyone throat.

 The honour is ours to be able to do this, the pleasure is ours, the blessings is ours insha’allah.

Your donations are well used and appreciated and should you wish to get involved in a practical way please email us





ACCOUNT 61933090  SORT CODE 55-50-28

  IBAN GB93 NWBK 5550 2861 9330 90    

We are a registered non profit company known as a charity in our constitution.




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