Just  quick post about our recent winter trip to Scatterbrook farm to collect our free range unstunned chicken, slaughtered the truly halal way, we also wanted to introduce one of Karimah’s Cuisina all star volunteers to  the farm owners, as he is one of the few UK specialists in Permaculture, the holistic away to manage land, agriculture and husbandry.

Alhamdulillah for our SAT Nav and my powers of observation we got there pretty unscathed.

Karimah & Baby Goat Winter 14
Karimah & Baby Goat Winter 14

Scatterbrook Farm is the home of Zuss Halal, it’s a  family farm where the animals are raised with love and care which is important and affects the taste of the meat and milk produced.in the UK Organic meat is stunned first, this contradict Islamic law in that it may already be dead before its slaughtered.

Pygmy Nannie Goat & Kid
Pygmy Nannie Goat & Kid


Truly halaal and taiyib, that is correctly Islamically slaughtered, is not stunned and is classified in the UK as “free range”. This is where Zuss halal come in. to comply with UK regulations they have had to build a vets changing room and vets office adjacent to their abattoir and the vet has to supervise each slaughter;to make sure it’s not cruel.

The Vet's Office
The Vet’s Office


There were my favorite baby goats to cuddle only a few weeks old. we  didn’t really get to spend much time with my  favorite guys,the mpaka, that are on the farm to keep foxes away.their high pitched scream is a deterrent the foxes , maasha’allah.

My darlings
My darlings


Surprisingly I was presented with a turkey crown which is a large turkey minus the legs. Inshallah we will endeavor to cook this and to share with the homeless Muslim brothers in our area.

All in all we had a super productive day; I taught my fashion protégé on the farm, how to make dress patterns for her dolly.

Little Fashionista Masha'Allah
Little Fashionista Masha’Allah

We had a great conversation about the  progress of Islamic farming as well as having some nice home cooked parata and dhall before embarking on our journey back to the urban metropolis that’s London’s fair city maashallah.

Should you wish to find out more about halal and tayyib meat which is in the UK halal and free range , please get in touch with the farm.Its a wonderful day out of London, to take a picnic and the family.


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