By Karimah bint Dawoud, muslim chaplain and fashionista.

The New Platform Shoes 2012
The New Platform Shoes 2012

You just have to watch this video link  before you buy these shoes.

There are some crazy, craazzzay shoes out in the shops right now!!!Before you get allured by these tottering platforms I would like you to watch this vintage video of dear ole Naomi Campbell, supermodel, who was one of the first to wear these horrendous elements of  drag down the Paris runway.You cant even dance in them let alone run! Think about it girlies.

Would I wear these new look platforms??? No, not even in the bedroom,they remind me of geisha girl bondage and restriction.I can see loads of drunken lushes falling then calling 999 with broken ankles as they stagger out of the club in these.

Essex Shoes..Ninja Stylee!
Essex Shoes..Ninja Stylee!

However these ESSEX spike shoes appeal to the ninja in me, hmmmmm, me think I’ll get some inshallah, probably in black.

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