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Karimah’s Cuisina “CAKE COMPETITON ” MAY 2014 As salam alaikum wa rahmtulaahi wa barakatu brothers and sistars Insha’Allah you are well and blessed by Allah with steadfast eman. Insha’allah we are having a cake competition to raise funds for FEED … Continue reading

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INVEST IN YOURSELF BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! Ooooh fighting your lower nature is not easy, appetite is part of our animal instinct, and it’s a survival instinct. I really want some fried greasy refine carb breakfast like a fried egg … Continue reading

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Preparation for Salsa or Chutney

People complain that their salsa or chutney goes bad after a week , one of the reasons is that the vegetables were to wet from washing before making, so wash your chilies and drain then leave to dry on a … Continue reading

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By Karimah Bint Dawoud Qualified Clinical Nutritionist NCFE and Muslim Chaplin. When we think about fats, most people think all fats are bad. Health conscious people know that when we need to normalize our body size, we need to cut … Continue reading

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GLOBESITY….the over consumption of processed food products

  GLOBESITY….while we continue to over consume fast fried street food then we will be one of the SIGNS OF THE LAST DAYS…OBESE!!! IT’S NOT CUTE, IT’S FAT!!! “in truth no country has managed the transition to get rid of … Continue reading


Excellent Review of “Heavenly Bites, ” in Saudi Amraco magazine :)

I love Saudi Amraco web site, full of really interesting articles and photos of the Middle East and I was over joyed to read this review of my book by Kitty Morse, a famous food writer and author of many … Continue reading

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