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QURANIC FOODS,Lemon Balm for Hormones & Cognitive Decline

Lemon balm I love the smell of lemon balm and have been using the aromatherapy oil from it which can sometimes be called Melissa which is the Greek version of the name Deborah, the Queen Bee that annually killed her … Continue reading

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Lemon Balm is part of the Rayhan (Arabic) family, that is mentioned in the Quran, Surat Ar Rahman 55, verse 12. “And grain having husks and scented plants/rehan” I love the smell of lemon balm and have been using the … Continue reading

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Foods of the Quran, Sweet Smelling Plants Basil Mint Lemon Balm

  Alhamdulilah,praise The Creator, I have to say.On this journey of studying and sharing Islamic Medicine, guided by Allah, the mysteries that are revealed to me are amazing. I do not speak Arabic very well but I know my prayers, … Continue reading

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Quranic Foods, Basil, Tricolore Salada

Basil Salada Tricolore…….. Basil Reyhan (Arabic) Tulsi (Hindi) Basil is the fragrant herb that flavours this salad.This amazing superfood has so many healthful benefits. HEALTH  Basil contains a unique combination of chemicals generally known as flavonoids.  The flavanoids in basil … Continue reading

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as salaam alaikum honeys, insha’allah you are well and blessed by Allah with steadfast eman, we were out on the street the other night feeding homeless people in charring cross and one of them mentioned no-one brings any food in … Continue reading

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Big Sigh……….as I watch this Oriental man make what he thinks is a convincing fake cabbage I ask my self, ” Are the people that buy this food so dim?” And the answer is definitely  yes because some people are … Continue reading

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Before I buy into anti Chinese propaganda about fake eggs, I would love to see a video about how they are supposed to make a fake shell, I have been searching on line and cannot find anything about they are … Continue reading

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The Etiquette Of Islamic Medicine

There is an etiquette in Islamic Medicine 1.make duaa and ask Allah to make it easy 2.Use a natural remedy 3.Use a pharmaceutical remedy 4.Surgery

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Why would you want to go out in the cold and feed homeless people ? Well ….it puts into perspective those who have less than you, Did you know when you do good  for others,it boosts  the feel good factor, … Continue reading

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