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Our butchers donated a whole lamb, 20 kilos , they actually gave us 2 lambs but we asked them to save one for next time insha’allah, for us to cook and feed the poor and needy. We  make curry, not … Continue reading

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We Have 2 Eids….Qurbani is Part of Hajj Eid

We Have 2 Eids….Qurbani is Part of Hajj Eid Just like the Queen of England has 2 birthdays Muslims have 2 Eids. Eid means celebration We have one Eid after fasting approximately 30 days of Ramadhan We have another Eid … Continue reading

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Raw Foodies of Rasoul Allah Maasha’allah

KARIMAH’S CUISINA AND FARM THE CITY Raw Foodies of Rasoul Allah Maasha’allah Alhamdulilah yesterday was a massive day for Karimah’s Cuisina Faith Based Well Being Organisation. We, Muslim women, delivered a raw food workshop to the wider community, illustrating that … Continue reading

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RAW SATAY SAUCE is perfect with raw rice wrappers and raw veggies Foto courtesy of INGREDIENTS • 235 grams salted peanut butter • 150 grams sesame seed oil from Somali shops • 5 small onions washed, peeled and chopped … Continue reading

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let me make it really simple cancer like an acidic body some foods we eat create an acid environment in our body, cancer likes acid, cancer like sugar alkali foods neutralise acid foods alkali foods combat cancer    

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Children Vaccine UK

ACCORDING TO THE NHS website……in the UK , babies as young as 8-16 weeks are vaccinated with rotavirus vaccine to combat rotavirus infection which is a form of gastroenteritis, which the NHS same web page says is “Gastroenteritis can be … Continue reading

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