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We don’t want Old Mac Donald’s Farm

Little happy tears in my eyes as I watch this, children with brilliant teachers, teaching their parents and elders

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SUGAR WARS “Sugar in fruits is also bad for you” it is a fallacy dictated by secular scientists and doctors, sponsored by big business. Refined sugar ,that means processed sugar, is a commodity on the stock exchange,think about it. Whole … Continue reading

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Most nutritional business wants you to buy their products rather than their information, which is often lacking because the people selling to you are not qualified nutritionist. A qualified nutritionist will teach you, show you and give you information, when … Continue reading

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I noticed, myself included that a number of us have a tickly cough  that turmeric/haldi just won’t shift. Then I remembered my 12 tissue salts, that we were taught about as part of my clinical nutrition diploma, which was really … Continue reading

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This morning I thought I would look and see what’s the latest nutrition and advice. Number one on the google search British Nutrition Foundation %5Bonline 5th march 2015] 8 HEALTHY EATING TIPS FOR KIDS-health eating for 1-3year olds. Their … Continue reading

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