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LET’S GET READY FOR MONDAY INSHA’ALLAH… Whose ready to join us on 5 Day Juice and smoothie De-tox, starting next Monday insha’allah? Everybody’s different, so think about what are your favorite fruit and veg, do some research on my blog, … Continue reading

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Temper Your Temple

Temper your temple Introduction by Karimah Bint Dawoud. A tip…cut down on spicy food, stimulants, red bull, coffee, tea and learn to breathe deeply when feeling angry. Temper is also means to soften, moderate or to bring to a desirable state by blending or mixing.A sword is … Continue reading

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SS14 FASHION TRENDS (spring summer 14)

This is  a brief breakdown of what you will see in the shops and ideas for us to adapt and give to tailor and add our own Islamic twist on tings…so here goes. Colours. Cool, neutral and warm.Lots of ice … Continue reading

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